Community Road Safe


FREE Community Road Safe theory education sessions for drivers in Dorset … funded directly from course fees generated when motorists break the lawon Dorset’s roads and provided by Dorset Police in conjunction with the SafeWise charity, Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service and Kwik Fit.

Each session comprises:

Kwik Fit
A hands on demonstration of simple car checks, including; checking tyre treads and spotting damage, checking and topping up fluid levels (oil and screen wash etc), wiper blades, lights etc.

Dorset & Wilts Fire & Rescue Service
Vital information about how to react when you see an emergency vehicle with its siren and blue lights on.
What to do if you are first on scene at an accident e.g. approach vehicle from front, check/clear airway and how back seat passengers can be used for support.

Dorset Police Driver Education Tutors
Road Safety workshop covering general road user information and insights into the ‘Fatal 5‘ reasons why a collision happens and what you can do to prevent it happening to you.

There will also be refreshments and an opportunity to speak with staff about what is available to you to keep you and your family safe on Dorset’s Roads PLUS a free Kwik Fit goody bag and voucher for each person attending.There are limited spaces, so if you find that once booked you are unable to attend please let us know as soon as possible so we can ensure that somebody else has the opportunity.

Ready to book in?
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and other dates across the county

The Community Road Safe initiative is derived from the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner’s manifesto promise to work with charities to target and educate the general driving population, not just offenders, and also the Dorset Police priority to ‘Reduce the number of people seriously harmed in Dorset’ and the SafeWise charity’s aim to reduce the number of people killed in preventable accidents on the roads and in the home.

Please note: Community Road Safe sessions are not suitable for children to attend.

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