Dorset Driver Gold – Driving Safely for Life

Want to know more about keeping safe and driving safely for as long as possible?

Driving Safely for Life coverA new booklet is available called ‘Driving Safely for Life’. Click here to read or download it.

This guide is designed to help older drivers think about their driving and make the right decisions to stay safe and independent. It gives advice on how to continue driving safely and comfortably, to help older drivers stay on the road for as long as possible.  This edition was printed for the Dorset Older Drivers Forum who also provided useful local information (see page 11) including Dorset Driver Gold and the Driving Mobility Centres. See the national Older Drivers Forum website for more information.

The guide was originally researched and written by Rica, with funding from the Department for Transport, the RAC Foundation and the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund. RICA held focus groups with older drivers and their relatives, and consulted with experts on road safety. The Dorset edition was funded by RICA and Dorset Police.