Welcome to the new SafeWise website

Find all you need to know about the SafeWise in one place. Our new website includes details about our SafeWise centres in Weymouth and Bournemouth plus news about a state of the art third centre opening in Swindon in 2020. The new website marks an exciting time for the charity.

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Visit SafeWise and Weymouth Fire Station community open day

SafeWise and Weymouth Fire Station are inviting local people to come along to their annual summer open day on Saturday 30 June between 11am to 3pm. Visitors to the Radipole Lane complex will explore behind the scenes at the fire station and SafeWise’s full size road layout and street scene,

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Volunteer with SafeWise and help your community

SafeWise Weymouth is marking Volunteers Week (1- 7 June) and Child Safety Week (4-10 June) with an appeal for local people to sign-up and make a difference to their local community. The charity’s innovative and interactive safety centre features a full size outdoor road network complete with street scene and

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Return of popular JSI Family safety tours

Family safety tours are back by popular demand this May half-term at SafeWise Bournemouth after selling out during the Easter holidays. The charity’s centre on Elliott Road is opening its doors to help children build confidence and develop valuable skills for life in a fun and interactive real life village.

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