Driving is potentially the most dangerous activity that most people take part in so even a slight increase in skills or awareness is all it takes to prevent the heartbreak of lives lost or devastated in accidents that could have been prevented.

Do you or anyone you know…

  • Feel anxious in some traffic situations?
  • Feel concerned about driving?
  • Need help in understanding gadgets in your new car?
  • Want to gain more driving confidence?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then why not book to attend a Dorset Driver Gold session which is specially designed for drivers aged 65 years or over and is run by SafeWise using Approved Driving Instructors.

 Dorset Driver Gold offers both practical and theory sessions:

  • The theory sessions include judging speed and distance, negotiating roundabouts, traffic lights and junctions. A session costs £10, is held for up to 20 people and lasts up to three hours including refreshments.
  • The practical sessionsare held on a one-to-one basis using the driver’s own car, last up to one and a half hours and costs £45. The instructor looks at the way a driver deals with various traffic situations on the road and will make recommendations with the aim of enhancing current skills. They are informal and are not a test so there is no pass or fail element.
  • Session fees cover the cost of the instructors running the sessions with a small contribution towards the charity’s administration costs, with a £5 discount if both sessions are attended!

The next dates for the theory sessions are listed below; practical sessions are organised direct with the instructor to suit:-

2016 Dates
SafeWise Bournemouth – Thursday 15th December – 1.30pm

2017 Dates
SafeWise Weymouth – Tuesday 10th January – 1.30pm
SafeWise Bournemouth – Tuesday 24th January – 10am
SafeWise Weymouth – Wednesday 1st February – 10am
SafeWise Weymouth – Monday 27th February – 1.30pm
SafeWise Bournemouth – Thursday 9th March – 10am
SafeWise Weymouth – Wednesday 22nd March – 10am
SafeWise Bournemouth – Wednesday 5th April – 1.30pm
SafeWise Weymouth – Tuesday 18th April – 1.30pm
SafeWise Bournemouth – Tuesday 2nd May – 10am
SafeWise Weymouth – Monday 15th May – 10am

If you are interesting in finding out more today then please visit our Dorset Driver Gold webpage on www.safewise.org/dorset-driver-gold/ or download our leaflet

You can also email us on ddg@safewise.org or ring/text us on 07713 499 777 and we will call you back.