FireWise is a unique and innovative educational facility based at SafeWise, Weymouth.  Its aim is to increase fire safety awareness for the people of all ages. Both interactive and with the use of special effects FireWise truly does bring fire safety to life, enabling people to take what they have seen and apply it to their own homes and circumstances.

School groups (from age 7 years) through to adult groups are invited to visit FireWise to take part in a specifically tailor made session to enable them to become ‘fire safe’.

We are happy for any group to contact us and attend a FireWise Session – maybe you could get your social or activity group, or encourage your employer to book a session. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer visits to individuals at this time.

All visits are delivered by our trained staff and can be tailor made to your requirements.

The FireWise ‘Real Fire’ Demonstration Area

Safe behind the glass you will see two real fire scenarios; what happens if you try to extinguish a fire incorrectly (always get out, stay out and call 999) and what could happen if you open a door to a room with a fire, allowing more air in to the fire (if you suspect a fire is in a room, always test a door with the back of your hand and do not open if it is hot).  These real fire scenarios show how quickly a fire can become life threatening and our staff will discuss how you can keep yourself safe. The value of sprinklers will be discussed at this point, if appropriate to the group.

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FireWise children flames