Safety Village


Our amazing indoor village is the central feature of SafeWise, Bournemouth. All of our education activities take place here – and the village is also available for hire by groups and for corporate events.

Everything in the village is life-sized and realistic, making you feel part of the action. The village contains a number of areas and safety scenarios:

  • Two-storey house with back garden
  • Road with pedestrian crossing, stationary bus and stationary car
  • Police Station including interview room and cell
  • Park
  • Electrical substation
  • Alley-way
  • Railway track and train
  • Heathland
  • Beach
  • Pub

How a visit works: visiting groups are divided into small groups (of approximately 8 people per group) and each group is then taken around our safety village on a tour by a volunteer Safety Guide. At each scenario, common dangers and hazards are identified, and visitors are taught ways in which to stay safe from the potential dangers.Timings are flexible but morning tours normally begin at 10.00am or 10.30am whilst afternoon tours normally begin at 12.30pm or 1.00pm. Evening tours (for youth groups, uniformed organisations etc.) usually begin at 6.00pm.

A number of programmes have been developed for schools to address the requirements of the National Curriculum, these include;

  • Key Stage 1 children (Years 1 and 2) usually visit six scenarios whilst Key Stage 2 children (Years 3 – 6) usually visit nine scenarios. Each scenario lasts for ten minutes and the scenarios are selected by the teacher or group leader in advance. Free visits are available for school years 2 and 5, these are subsidised by Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service – for these years schools will only have to fund travel. SafeWise have negotiated special discounts for all schools with Damory coaches, a Gold Sponsor of SafeWise. Click here to view details.
  • ‘NightWise’ tours for teenagers (ages 15-17); these include a visit to our realistic replica pub, drink and drug education and personal safety awareness.

We also offer tours for older visitors; these include an exploration of common causes of slips, trips and falls.

Family groups are very welcome to visit although pre-booking is essential so that a volunteer tour guide can be arranged to show you around. Family visits usually take place on Wednesday mornings during school holidays.

Pre-schools are welcome to visit on a DIY basis; the village will be exclusively yours to use as you see fit, depending on the age and ability of your children.

Some special needs schools also prefer to do DIY tours.

The current scenario choices for tours are:

Scenario Types of topics covered
Road Finding a safe place to cross;  different types of crossing;  green cross code
Cycle Safety Common causes of bike accidents;  the importance of wearing a helmet
Police Station Consequences of being caught stealing;  age of criminal responsibility
Bus How to be a safe and considerate user of public transport
Park Common dangers found in parks (e.g. dog fouling, litter); stranger danger
Alley & Garden Making safe travel choices; common dangers in gardens (e.g. bar-b-ques)
Internet Safety Do you always know who you’re talking to online?
Lounge/Bedsit These three scenarios are compulsory and explore common causes of fire, what to do if a building catches fire, what to do if clothing catches fire and how to make a 999 call.
999 call
Railway & Substation Dangers associated with electricity and trespassing/vandalism
Train cab Dangers of trespassing on or near railways
Countryside/Heathland Common countryside dangers and causes of heath fires
Beach How to stay safe on the beach; what do the different beach flags mean?
Stopping Distances The effects of speed, driver alertness and road conditions

(NB: For a full summary of each scenario please Contact Us for our Guide to General Safety Tour Scenarios)

On-line booking requests for SafeWise facilities and tours will be available shortly. In the meantime please get in touch via the Contact Us page or ring SafeWise Bournemouth on 01202 591330 for more information.

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