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We deliver interactive and practical ‘skills for life’ education in realistic full size streetscapes at Bournemouth and Weymouth. Our philosophy is one of ‘discuss, decide and do’ where visitors are actively engaged in an immersive environment rather than simply listening to advice.

We cover road safety, fire safety, water safety and home safety alongside crime prevention, what to do in an emergency, healthy living, mental wellbeing, citizenship, environmental sustainability, householder responsibilities, financial skills and much more.

We deliver bespoke programmes to meet the specific needs of groups including parents and carers of early years, primary Key Stage 1 and 2, secondary Key Stage 3, home-leavers including students, older people, and learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

We also provide attractive community facilities including meeting/function rooms, a dance studio, and a cafe.


Celebrating 20 years


Explore our stunning indoor village complete with road, beach, train and street scene. Join hands on activities, including escaping a house fire and controlling the brakes on a train.


Experience our interactive fire safety scenarios, full size working outdoor road network and more, to learn practical skills for life. Book a function or meeting room or visit Cafe SafeWise.

Our Programmes

Vital skills for parents and carers of pre-school age children. Includes home, road and in-car safety, plus basic emergency first aid, all in an engaging and safe environment.

Essential programme to equip younger children with the confidence and skills to escape from a fire, be safe around roads, make healthy choices and much more all delivered in a fun way through realistic and interactive scenarios.

Compelling, practical programme for older primary age children to discuss, decide and do in a range of immersive situations, including fire, road and water safety plus emergencies.

Crucial programme for older children – building confidence and skills for life through recognising and managing risks, such as travelling, street-scene, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol and more.

Valuable programme for first time independent living. Includes personal safety, financial skills, householder responsibilities, healthy living and drugs in an non-patronising and engaging manner.

Discover engaging and practical ways to live well for longer. This programme focuses on key areas including health and well-being, eating well and staying active plus where to find help and support.

Delivered to meet special learning needs in a safe and welcoming environment to increase awareness of safety issues, including fire and road, in realistic situations and experiences.

Our Junior Safety Inspector events are specially designed to help families learn together to build confidence and develop valuable skills for life in fun and interactive scenarios including fire, road and water safety.

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