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Please note that SafeWise is not currently welcoming at this time due to the Corona Virus pandemic.

Cut the cost of coach hire with Damory

Exclusive fixed rate coach hire for local schools

Please don’t let transport costs be a barrier to your students gaining valuable life skills and experience in a safe but realistic environment that really could make a difference to how they cope in real life situations.

We’ve worked with Damory for specially negotiated and competitive fixed price coach hire rate for local schools (terms & conditions apply):

  • £100 for coach hire from a school within 8 miles of  SafeWise centre*
  • £140 for coach hire from a school within 15 miles of SafeWise centre*
  • £165 for coach hire from a school within 25 miles of  Safewise centre*
  • £195 for coach hire for a school in the Southampton, Salisbury or Winchester area for SafeWise Bournemouth*

Contact 01258 457101 or

*In order to qualify for these specially negotiated prices, groups must be collected at a time which allows a home to school journey to be completed prior to the pick-up, and allows for a school to home journey to be completed after the pick up. Damory’s friendly sales team will be pleased to be able to help you with arranging this.