Can school make you happier?

Concerned about the future for our young people? I am. Worried about reducing options and the effect on their mental health? Me too. Have the feeling that our education system may not be preparing them well enough for 21st century life? Yep, that as well.

This excellent short video from Adrian Bethune is well worth a watch and a think about over a few days.

Wellbeing is what life is about. Not test results, salary, productivity – these are just (sometimes) steps along the way. Luckily, happy children also do better in their careers too. It’s a topic which will be woven through the new SafeWiseSchools Membership Scheme, including VR with integrated teaching plans, resources (and centre visits for those who can). We’re determined to work with schools and partners to develop the #SkillsForLife and resilience our young people need for an increasingly uncertain future.

I also love the credit to the wonderful and, sadly, late Sir Ken Robinson.

Can school take you happier?