Can you see the link?

SafeWise is well known for fire, road and water safety education, but expanding the range of topics we cover means many more businesses – large and small – see links between their work and what we do.

Skills for Life topics such as financial capability and budgeting, healthy living, mental wellbeing, householder responsibilities and independent living, community resilience, environmental sustainability, travel skills, energy efficiency and climate change, as well as personal safety, offer a wide range of opportunities for the commercial sector to get involved.

That’s why we are working with two energy companies on community resilience and climate change and a financial advice firm is sponsoring us (more soon). It’s why the Co-op recently kitted out a spare unit at our Bournemouth centre as a walk in store, and why a First Bus will shortly be arriving at our Weymouth learning village. And why we will be delivering First Aid in partnership with Immerse Medical.

It’s also why we are in discussions with firms providing assistive technology for older people, with IT companies about cyber safety, and with the health sector about healthy choices and prevention.

If your firm, or a firm you have contact with, works in any of these skills for life areas and shares our educational objectives, please do get in touch. In these challenging times for the third sector we would very much appreciate it. We believe we can give a lot back to business, at the same time as delivering our essential skills for life learning to our communities.