Age Well

Coming soon! Our Age Well programme for people over 55 is in development subject to support from prospective partners in coming years. This friendly, supportive and interactive session will instil confidence in the ability to continue to live an active and fulfilling life for over 55 year olds who could benefit from this. The two hour session ends with refreshments and a chance to feedback and ask questions. Sign up for SafeWise eNewsletters to get more information about when this programme goes live.

The programme will cover:

  • Fire safety
  • Home safety in the kitchen, bathroom and stairs
  • Home security
  • Financial security including budgeting, and avoiding scams
  • In car safety (including with young children)
  • Scooter use
  • Journey planning and using trains and buses
  • Bike safety
  • Active lifestyles
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Healthy eating
  • What to do in an emergency
  • Where to get further support

Contact us to find out more: