Eco Citizen

We want to create a new programme, based on our popular Junior Citizen for KS2, to teach primary school year 4 pupils and their families about the climate emergency in a positive and practical way.

This will be the defining issue of their lives. We have a responsibility to prepare them.

We are seeking to work in partnership with our local authorities of Dorset Council, and Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) Council, both of whom have declared climate emergencies, as well as our fire, police and health services, all of which already face serious climate emergency related challenges.

We are also seeking partnership support from the renewable energy sector and voluntary environmental groups. There are significant opportunities to communicate key messages directly though the visit, follow up school and family activities, promotion of solutions, in centre branding and public relations.

Like Junior Citizen, the scheme will involve tours of the learning villages in small groups, looking at the climate emergency through our water scenarios, open space, shop, beach, train, bus, house and car. We will cover travel, energy, food, waste, bio-diversity and more. And of course, we will employ our ethos of discuss, decide and do, making it an engaging and memorable experience for all visitors.

What’s next?

We are currently engaging in discussions on this project but our ambition is to pilot it during 2020. To stay up to date with developments, please email 

If you think you have the skills to be a volunteer Visitor Guide for Eco Citizen, leading small groups of children around the learning village according to a script (full training given), add your name to the waiting list by emailing and we will be in touch nearer the time.