First Steps to Safety

Please note events are temporarily  suspended due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Please keep checking this page as we will host events again once it’s safe to do so. Thanks for your understanding. Contact us at if you have any queries about a booking.

SafeWise Dorset is now offering skills for life education to under 5s!

Our indoor learning village has a road, beach, train, house and garden, shop, park, bus and cars- all life sized and under one roof.

First Steps to Safety is a new 1.5 hour self-guided tour where children aged 2-4 years old can learn age-appropriate life skills through:

  • Role play
  • Dress up
  • Videos
  • Matching activities
  • Games
  • Exploring
  • Doing i.e. using our road crossing or shopping for healthy foods at our shop

Accompanying adults are given a written guide that tells them where to go and what to do at each location in the SafeWise learning village. Children take home an activity pack, sticker and certificate once they’ve finished.

£5 (+booking fee) per 2 – 4 year old. Accompanying adults and children under 2 enter free. Children under 2 are welcome, but please note this event hasn’t been designed to be suitable for solely under 2s visiting.

Group bookings

We recommend this visit for nursery groups or other toddler groups, i.e. a parent network, a group of friends, with children aged 2-4 years old at a charge of £5 per child, adults and accompanying under 2s go free. The minimum spend is the equivalent of 20 children (£100), you can bring less children but would still have to pay the minimum spend. We do require full payment to be made 30 days beforehand, in the case of individual bookings, the lead booker would need to make a payment on behalf of the group beforehand. We ask that there is one adult for every four children.

Add on for group bookings

Picnic in the park. For £1 per child, groups can stay for an extra half hour to have lunch in our park area. Lunch and drinks will need to be brought to the centre for the group.

Childminding groups

Please get in touch for more information.

What Early Years leaders say

We’ve designed our new Early Years Safety Experience with the help of local early years leaders and invited their children to come and test out the programme (see pictures below). Here’s a few of the things they said…

“Safety and stay safe, staying healthy is part of every day learning and discussion. However this is the only place where every day scenarios can be played out.”

“Great learning environment for younger children”

“More hands on for the children as they like to touch”

“There is nothing else like this around”