Junior Citizen Key Stage 2 SafeWise Weymouth

Bring PSHE and Citizenship to life at the ultimate child safety destination

Realistic and immersive learning experiences will equip your children with the skills, knowledge and confidence to help them live active, healthy and safer lives. Download our latest schools leaflet and curriculum learning objectives supported by your visit.

Discuss Decide Do

See the change in your children as they actively engage in realistic scenarios within the safe and engaging environment of SafeWise Weymouth. Our full day Junior Citizen programmes are tailored to match your PSHE and other curriculum learning objectives and help you fill the crucial life skills gap.

A fun and engaging day will promote teamwork, improve communication skills and build confidence. Children are challenged to respond to realistic situations, think for themselves and take responsibility for their choices. Your children will enjoy a packed day of hands-on and interactive situations which bring vital fire and road safety to life in our ground-breaking and innovative centre.

Your visit

Suitable for all Key Stage 2 but aimed at Year 5 or 6, this programme introduces children to topics which will prepare them for the move to secondary school including a range of safety issues and also journey planning, what to do in an emergency, peer pressure, and health and wellbeing. This programme runs from 10am – 2pm, with a 30 minute lunch break.

After a welcome, children complete a fun skills for life quiz to establish their current knowledge levels.

Trained staff and volunteers guide small groups through a series of exciting scenarios with a break for lunch. Children are quizzed before leaving to discover how much they’ve learnt, and collect a certificate to take away.

Curriculum links – the programme will also:

  • Develop speaking and listening skills in a new and exciting context
  • Provide practical experience of maths in a real shop

Supercharge the rest of your curriculum

Use your SafeWise visit as a launchpad for exciting project work across the curriculum such as Maths and English.

Teachers report changed relationships with their more challenging pupils as a result of positive experiences at SafeWise, impacting progress in the classroom.

More to explore

SafeWise Weymouth’s ground-breaking and innovative education centre features a full-sized outdoor road network and street scene including traffic lights, pedestrian crossing, building site and more.

Our incredible interactive fire scenarios show how quickly a fire can become life-threatening and bring vital fire safety lessons to life – displays shown will depend on year group age. The centre includes dedicated classroom facilities and other scenarios such as water safety and healthy eating.

Our trained team will engage your children more than ever before as they discuss options, decide, and then actually do it – all in a safe and engaging environment.

SafeWise Weymouth is contained all on one site, and is easy to find next to Weymouth Fire Station with on-site coach parking.

Skills for Life – see the change

‘We know schools are madly busy with Maths, English and SATS – but don’t forget your children need vital skills for life, we can help fill the gap and add wider benefits.’

‘As a former primary deputy head, I know from experience the impact of learning outside the classroom. It can transform your relationship with pupils, with huge impact on academic progress, as well as preparing them for life in the real world. Make a statement about what you think is important by booking a trip to SafeWise!’

Rob Hattersley (SafeWise Chief Executive)

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