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Dorset Driver Gold is designed specifically for people aged 65 years and over who have an interest in updating their skills and knowledge, want help in familiarising themselves with a new vehicle or simply want to gain confidence.

Dorset Driver Gold sessions are NOT a test at which you can fail, although please note the eyesight rule. They are just a chance to update your road safety knowledge, understand the challenges that older drivers face and put into practice some of the insights you have learned – all in a friendly supportive environment.

Sessions are coordinated by the SafeWise charity and the session fees (£10 theory, £45 practical) cover the cost of the Approved Driving Instructors running the sessions with a small contribution towards the charity’s administration costs. Look out for the £5 discount if both sessions are attended!

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We have also been working with RICA and produced a Driving Safely for Life booklet to help keep you driving safely for longer.

When and where can I attend?
We recommend that people attending both the practical and theory sessions should consider attending the theory session in the first instance and then the practical session at a date afterwards. The theory sessions are held fortnightly at various locations across Dorset – initially at SafeWise centres in Bournemouth and Weymouth – with the intention to roll them out in Bridport, Blandford and Shaftesbury subject to demand. If you would like us to run a session nearer to where you live please get in touch with the Dorset Driver Gold administrator to let us know.

Theory session availability: please click here
Practical session availability: Once your booking form and payment have been received for a practical session you will be able to arrange your drive directly with one of our Dorset Driver Gold Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs).

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Why should you want to update your driving skills?
Driving is potentially the most dangerous activity that most people take part in. A slight increase in awareness or improvement in skills is all it takes to make you safer. Experienced drivers generally have fewer accidents than younger drivers. However, as people grow older gradual changes take place which mean their ability to deal safely with some situations diminishes.

What’s involved?
These sessions are delivered by specially selected and trained Driving Standards Agency (DSA) Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs). All our ADIs have a good understanding of the needs of mature and experienced drivers.

The theory sessions are designed to cover a variety of aspects of driving safety including judging speed and distance, making sure you have the right car for your needs, negotiating roundabouts, traffic lights and junctions to name but a few. They are held for up to 20 attendees, last up to three hours including refreshments and breaks and are light-hearted. They particularly encourage discussion to make sure participants gain the maximum benefit from attendance.
The practical sessions are held on a one-to-one basis using the driver’s own car and last up to 90 minutes. They are informal with the aim of enhancing current skills, they are not a test and there is no pass or fail element. The ADI looks at the way a driver deals with various traffic situations on the road and will make recommendations to help ensure ongoing safety. Drivers must be able to read a new style number plate at 20m and must bring their driving licence, documentation and declare that they are fit to drive for the practical sessions to commence.
Further information
Please contact the Dorset Driver Gold administrator by email on [email protected] or by ringing or texting 07713 499 777 (we will call you back) – or leave a message with the SafeWise Head Office team on 01202 591330.

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