Our Story

Immersive learning environments

We deliver interactive and practical ‘skills for life’ education in our realistic full size learning village in Bournemouth which includes a bus, a two-storey house, cars, a beach, a Co-op and even a train and railway track. We’re also now developing 360 and virtual reality resources as part of an exciting School Membership service which will launch in Autumn 2020 and be available nationally.

Discuss, decide and do

Our philosophy is one of ‘discuss, decide and do’ where learners are actively engaged in an exciting and immersive environment rather than simply listening to advice.

Skills for life

We cover road safety, fire safety, water safety and home safety alongside crime prevention, what to do in an emergency, healthy living, mental wellbeing, citizenship, the climate and ecological emergency, householder responsibilities, personal financial skills and much more.

A widening range of audiences

We deliver bespoke programmes to meet the specific needs of groups including parents and carers of early years and primary Key Stage 1 and 2. We’re planning programmes for secondary Key Stage 3, home leavers (16+) and older people. We adapt our delivery for learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Covid-19 response – a nationally available programme

In response to Covid-19, we are developing digital resources including 360 tours and virtual reality, which will be available across the UK. For schools, these will be an integral part of a School Membership scheme which will launch during Autumn term 2020. We’re looking for national partner organisations in public and commercial sectors who would like to support skills for life education topics relevant to their area of business – for more details click here.


Our mission is to provide realistic and immersive learning experiences to equip visitors with the skills, knowledge and confidence to live active, fulfilling and safer lives in stronger communities.


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SafeWise volunteers save and change lives. They play a vital role in helping their communities stay safer and healthier. There’s lots of opportunities to get involved.


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