Join the SafeWise Partnership

Introducing our new digital offer – nationally available

Benefits of partnering with SafeWise

  • Engage positively, interactively and at scale with target audiences
  • Communicate key messages and learning, promoting positive behavioural change
  • Positive, appropriate, value for money PR exposure
  • Gain the attention of decision-makers
  • Local volunteering, staff development and team building opportunities
  • Meet your ambition for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Be part of a positive response to 21st century challenges
  • An ongoing, flexible and developing partnership with educational and VR specialists
  • A cost-sharing partnership model creating economies of scale
  • We do the work and minimise impact on your organisation

Maximising impact through partnership

We’re proud to be working with Volume to create a virtual learning village. We’re excited by the synergy between Volume’s strong track record in virtual reality as a learning tool, alongside our experience in delivering immersive skills for life learning in full size physical scenarios.

We already have strong support from regional police, fire, NHS, councils and commercial partners. We’re seeking new regional and national partners across the public and private sectors to bring our digital vision to life.

This is an incredibly rewarding opportunity for forward thinking, socially responsible organisations who want to impact lives with their messaging.

Opportunities for your organisation

Sponsor a virtual scenario

Sponsor/commission one or more specific scenarios in our new virtual learning village.

You may also be able to advise us on relevant messaging. In-scenario branding is accepted where it enhances realism and promotes the right educational message.

Supporting a specific VR scenario could cost £25,000-£35,000, depending on what is required. In subsequent years, partners can maintain engagement and benefits by continuing with one of the core sponsorship packages, and/or support development of additional scenarios and programmes’

Sponsor schools

Your organisation can sponsor or commission membership for a number of schools.

This provides free access for them and establishes a positive relationship between you and the school.

You choose how many and what type of school you’d like to support, and we’ll do the rest.

Sponsor a single school for £350, or contact us to discuss rates for a wider range of schools or academy chains.

Sponsor the charity

We’re also open to discussing the partnership opportunities that come from sponsoring the whole charity, as we expand to deliver at a national level.

Choose from Bronze (£5,000), Silver (£10,000), Gold (£20,000) and Platinum (£35,000) levels, each with a range of benefits for the sponsors including branding, PR, staff opportunities and more.

Through this you benefit from more holistic association with the charity rather than a specific scenario or group of schools.

As a partnership organisation ourselves, we would strongly encourage interested partners to consider working together to support a scenario or memberships for groups of schools, to potentially share costs and benefits.

Join us on our digital journey

Accessible nationally

Our Bournemouth centre is usually accessed by thousands of visitors from Dorset, south Wiltshire and Hampshire. By adding a new digital learning village, audiences across the UK can access it from schools, workplaces and homes.

We plan to work with delivery partners across the UK to provide practical learning too as part of the package, where available, such as through our partners in other safety centres, or temporary schemes such as Crucial Crew.

Regionalised versions

Our Bournemouth learning village contains messaging and branding from Dorset organisations to enhance the realism, such as our local bus company, police service, electricity network, NHS and local authorities.

With a digital village, it becomes possible to create regional versions of the same environment. So you can have a digital learning village for your area even if you don’t have a physical centre as we do in Dorset.

If you or a consortium of local organisations are interested in this, contact us to discuss possible options.

Multiple target audiences

Our Primary Schools Membership Scheme is available from September 2020 and is supported by high quality 360 photographic tours of our real Bournemouth townscape. Phase 2 is to develop full VR for Key Stage 3 (11-14 year olds) after which we will upgrade to full VR for primaries.

Our ambition is also to develop digital versions of our planned schemes for older people, those leaving home for the first time, parents and carers of young people, and early years.

Where we’ve got to so far

Our story

We’ve delivered interactive and practical ‘skills for life’ education through our realistic full size scenarios at Bournemouth since 1998.

Our physical learning village includes a street with working pedestrian crossing, a bus, a two-storey house, a family car and a police car, a beach, a fully stocked and branded Co-op and even a train and railway track.

Our usual learning visits have come to a temporary halt during Covid. They will restart eventually, but rather than wait for it all to go back to normal, we are rapidly adapting to a new abnormal!

Our ethos

Our approach is one of ‘discuss, decide and do’ where learners are actively engaged in an exciting and immersive environment.

We present them with dilemmas, and teach them to assess risk for themselves, rather than simply listening to advice.

We want them to be able to apply the principles they have learnt to different situations they will face in life, not just those they experience with us.

We are passionate about retaining our confidence building, skills-based educational ethos as we adapt to a future blend of digital, in-school and in-centre learning.

Our messages

We deliver essential skills for 21st century life relevant to a wide range of organisations such as yours. We can educate to help prevent problems before they occur, saving you work and reducing costs.

These topics include, but are not limited to road, fire, water, home, and digital safety, alongside crime prevention, what to do in an emergency, healthy living, mental wellbeing, safeguarding, travel skills, citizenship, the climate and ecological emergency, householder responsibilities, personal financial skills and more.

We’re educational experts – we know how to teach and support educators. But we need subject experts such as your organisation to ensure our messaging is relevant and meets your objectives too.

Huge thanks to our core funders, commercial sponsors, helpers-in-kind, and grant providers for making our skills for life ambitions possible