SafeWise seeks digital well-being partners

Here’s an exciting opportunity for forward-thinking, innovative, socially responsble digital businesses.

The SafeWise charity manages two ‘skills for life‘ centres in Dorset, with a third planned for Swindon and Wiltshire in 2020, thus providing regional impact and scope. These are full size street scenes with working pedestrian crossings, complemented by a walk in house, shop, vehicles, beach, train, bus and more. Our educational philosophy is one of ‘discuss, decide and do’ where visitors are actively engaged in a realistic and immersive environment, rather than simply listening to advice.

What does SafeWise deliver?

The centres deliver road safety, fire safety, water safety and home safety learning alongside crime prevention and what to do in an emergency. Our new business plan envisages extending these topics to fully utilise the potential of these interactive scenarios to include healthy living, mental wellbeing, citizenship, environmental sustainability, financial literacy, householder responsibilities – and digital wellbeing. This could address issues such as personal safety, security, wellbeing, purchasing decisions and budgeting, cyber bullying and the accuracy of information.

Who do we deliver to?

In addition to our main primary school programmes, we plan to develop new schemes for key target audiences including parents and carers of the under fives (Safe Start), teenagers (Life Skills), young people living independently for the first time (Home Leavers), and older people wishing to extend independence for as long as possible (Age Well). We currently deliver programmes to over eleven thousand visitors a year, but aim to double this within two years.

What are we seeking from digital business?

We wish to integrate digital wellbeing into our programmes and seek support with realistic scenarios and funding. In partnering with us in this project, we will ensure businesses reap several benefits which we outline further below. One business might be in a position to support the whole project and secure all these benefits, or a partnership of a number of complementary businesses might support together.

Realistic scenario

Starting at our Bournemouth centre, we would like a sponsor to convert an unused ‘shop’ unit on our street into a scenario such as a phone/device shop, or some kind of internet cafe. In either option, we would like visitors to discover and interact with a series of digital wellbeing scenarios in which they need to discuss, decide and dowith real phones/tablets, such as buying a new phone for a child and planning rules around its use , dealing with bullying, responding to unsolicited offers or emails, and many other dilemmas. An innovative digital business could deliver the nuts and bolts of this scenario far more effectively than us.

We are developing plans in future years for a new outdoor unit in our Weymouth Learning Village with several walk in shop units, one of which would replicate the Bournemouth scenario.

Financial sponsorship

To support core costs and marketing, plus time needed for research, writing scripts and materials, and then training our volunteer Visitor Guides to deliver, we seek sponsorship. This might also provide some reduction in entry fees for visitors from harder to reach groups.

What does the partner business get back?

Partnership is very rewarding for socially-responsible, forward-thinking companies where there is a clear match between the area of business and SafeWise learning objectives. Benefits can include:-

  • Positive, value for money PR – press, social media, online
  • PR exposure within the centres themselves to a widening range of audiences
  • Meet and exceed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Social Investment requirements
  • Volunteering, staff development and team building opportunities
  • Use of our centres and facilities at a discount or as part of a package
  • Build your presence and raise awareness across the region with SafeWise, and potentially nationally through our partners in the Safety Centre Alliance
  • Get your key messages out to a wide range of different audiences, and impact behaviours

We believe this project can have a significant impact on not under-18s, but parents and carers of the under fives, 16-25s living alone for the first time, and older people seeking to maintain both connection and security in an increasingly confusing world. We are sure there are few other opportunities to deliver digital wellbeing in such an innovative and experiential environment to so wide a range of audiences.

I’m interested – how do I find out more?

It will all make sense when you see one of our centres. Visit our partnerships page, call us on 01202 591330, email for more details.