Support #Never More Needed

Charities and voluntary organisations are #NeverMoreNeeded

We’re backing the new national campaign #NeverMoreNeeded

It calls for support for charities and voluntary organisations as the country emerges from the Corona Virus pandemic.

SafeWise’s skills for life mission is now more important than ever as the nation recovers from the Corona Virus impact, including well-being, keeping safe and well plus other essential safety and life skills.

We’re building an exciting new virtual learning village this summer. It will aim to provide realistic and immersive learning experiences to equip visitors with the skills, knowledge and confidence to live active, fulfilling and safer lives as the country emerges from the Corona Virus pandemic and beyond.

The virtual village will be realistic and interactive, using a 360 model of our real learning village, requiring discussion and decision-making to tackle skills for life and safety scenarios.

We’re inviting children, schools and others to get involved and tell us their views by completing our super short survey.

Across the country other charities and voluntary organisations are helping tackle coronavirus too by:

• Providing food, medicines and essential support to isolated and vulnerable people

• Supporting children and adults with disabilities, long-term conditions and serious illnesses, along with their families

• Working to look after people affected by difficult issues such as mental ill-health, homelessness, debt, drug and alcohol misuse, domestic abuse and exploitation

• Keeping people safe and making sure no-one is forgotten

At the same time, due to the massive impact of the coronavirus outbreak, charities and voluntary organisations have been hit by

• Sudden increase in demand for what they do, as part of the response to coronavirus.

• Loss of fundraising income as events and activities have been cancelled – from coffee mornings to the London Marathon, and everything in between.

• Loss of income from charity shops, hiring our premises and providing services due to social distancing.

• Regular donors cancelling their giving because they have had their own income cut, through furlough or redundancy.
And all this after more than a decade of having to do more with less, following the financial crash in 2009.

People across the country are relying on charities for the essential support they provide and how they shape our society for the better.

The #NeverMoreNeeded campaign is asking everyone to show that they understand the importance of having thriving and sustainable charities and voluntary organisations.

Show your support by:

Adding the #NeverMoreNeeded logo to your social media profile pages – download images.

Follow the campaign on social media @NeverMoreNeeded, like, retweet and reply using #NeverMoreNeeded.

Write to your local MP about the campaign – find template letter.

Share your story – how has a charity or voluntary organisation touched your life or your family? What’s the difference this has made to you? View examples on resource page.