Virtual Learning Village

Phase 1 of our new digital strategy – a virtual Junior Safety Inspector tour for families – is now live! Click here to try it out!

SafeWise learning villages may be temporarily closed for visits by schools and other audiences during the current COVID-19 situation, but we’re still working hard behind the scenes to deliver essential skills for life education.

We’re creating an exciting new virtual learning village to provide realistic and immersive learning experiences.  It aims to equip visitors with the skills, knowledge and confidence to live active, fulfilling and safer lives in stronger communities – as we emerge from COVID-19 and beyond.

And we need your help to make sure it delivers an amazing online experience that really does meet the needs of our various audiences.

Find out more below about the proposed village below and how you can get involved today.

Our virtual learning village will…

  • Increase awareness of safety and develop key life skills, including risk awareness, decision-making, resilience and mental wellbeing 
  • Encourage visitors to develop personal confidence and to think for themselves
  • Promote teamwork and shared values
  • Encourage safer, healthier and more active lifestyles

The virtual SafeWise will be realistic and interactive, using a 360 virtual model of our real learning village. It will require discussion and decision making rather than lots of reading. Video and sound will be included, but it will be an integral part of the virtual experience rather than links to separate informational films.

We will adapt existing topics, like safety, to meet current needs. In key scenarios, such as our house, train, beach and street, visitors exploring the virtual village will be presented with relevant DILEMMAS. They will be encouraged to DISCUSS options and risks, and then DECIDE what to DO, before testing and reviewing the end result of their decision.

When will the virtual learning village go live?

SafeWise has secured grant funding from Talbot Village Trust to kick-start initial development of a virtual village to go live this summer based on our popular Junior Safety Inspector family tours. We aim to launch an virtual village this summer based on our popular Junior Safety Inspector family tours.  We are also initially planning a programme for primary school  children which can be used by families, teachers setting work remotely, or to smaller groups in school as they gradually return.

As schools return, this resource would then form a core aspect of the support we had already planned to develop for schools to use in the classroom, and in preparation for and after a visit to our real life learning village.  We are also investigating different versions for Early Years, secondary students and young people as the virtual village develops.

Get involved – we need your help to develop the virtual learning village

We need real time feedback as the virtual village develops to check we’re getting it right, and ensure it meets the needs of our various visitor groups. That includes teachers, children and families, youth groups and anyone else with an interest in SafeWise and the project.

We would love to hear your views about our initial plans. Please click on the relevant link below to fill in a short survey. It also includes a chance to join one of our consultation panels to help shape the virtual village as it develops.