Virtual Learning Village – Adult Survey

If you are under 16, we have a separate survey here.

During the Covid-19 crisis, our learning villages are closed and visits for schools and other audiences cancelled. We are planning the creation of a Virtual Learning Village in which users can explore our Bournemouth scenarios at their own pace, from home or school. It will feel like an interactive Google Streetview.

In key scenarios, such as our house, train, beach and street, users will be presented with relevant DILEMMAS. They will be encouraged to DISCUSS options and risks, and then DECIDE what to do. On screen, they will then be able to DO, and test and review the results of those decisions.

We will address key skills for life which are more important now than ever including resilience, risk assessment and decision-making, asking questions, team work and personal responsibility. We will adapt existing topics such as safety to meet current needs: for example, personal and road safety and travel skills are going to be very important for children in the coming months and years.

We are initially planning a programme for Key Stages 1 and 2 (ages 5-11), which can be used by families, teachers setting work remotely, or to smaller groups in school as they gradually return.

We are also investigating different versions for Early Years, secondary students and young people at a later stage.

The virtual SafeWise will be realistic and interactive, using a 360′ model of our real village and requiring discussion and decision making rather than lots of reading. Video (and sound) will be included, but it will be an integral part of the virtual scenarios rather than links to separate informational films.

As schools return, this resource would then form a core aspect of the support we had already planned to develop for schools to integrate Skills For Life within their curriculum every year. It would be used in the classroom and at home in preparation for and to followup a visit to the real life centre.

We need to know what teachers and parents, and our current or potential partner organisations think about this as we develop it and seek additional funding, and would be very grateful for your views.

Thanks so much for giving us your ideas.

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