Virtual Learning Village – Young People’s Survey

For Grown Ups

Please complete this form with your child(ren), if you are a parent or carer, or with members of your class, if you are a teacher. The information we gather will be shared within the SafeWise team. Thank you in advance for your help and we shall look forward to reading your responses. The grown-ups survey can be accessed here.

For Young People

As you know things are rather different at the moment. Some of our grown ups are working from home, others are helping to keep us all going and taking care of us. However, we do know that at the moment most of us are not going to school! Some of us may be heading back there soon and when we get there some things will be better, some will be worse and others will just be different.

Everything is a bit different in our Learning Villages as at the moment we are closed and schools or groups are not able to visit.

So…..we are planning to create a Virtual Learning Village where you can explore our Bournemouth scenarios from home or at school on your computers. In the Virtual Learning Village you will be able to explore each area whilst being set challenges! Taking part will mean discussions and decision to enable you to complete tasks.

So what do you think about this idea? We would value your views, so you can be part of building our Virtual Learning Village.

Thanks so much for giving us your ideas.

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