Volunteer Week 2019

We’re marking National Volunteers’ Week  (1-7 June) with an appeal for new recruits to come and help us save and change lives of children in Dorset.  New volunteers are needed to act as visitor guides as the SafeWise charity rolls out and develops more programmes and initiatives as part of its new skills for life agenda at learning centres in Bournemouth and Weymouth.

Saving and changing children’s lives

SafeWise currently runs tours for key stage one and two primary classes as well as family tours but is developing more programmes for other audiences. These include older school children, home leavers, older age groups, parents of young children, special educational needs and disability groups and others.

The charity, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, works with partners including police, fire and health services as well as the councils to deliver skills for life and safety programmes to a range for audiences.

Join us

Volunteers manager Emily Brown said: “Volunteers are at the heart of what we do at SafeWise, and will continue to play a crucial role as we roll out more and more skills for life programmes in the future.

“We’re looking for people that enjoy or have experience of working with children, are enthusiastic, passionate about learning and love to have fun.”

Volunteers receive full training, uniform, expenses and the opportunity to meet new people as well as the satisfaction of making a difference to their community.

We’re looking for people that:

  • Believe in the importance of developing children’s life skills
  • Enjoy or have experience working with children
  • Are enthusiastic and passionate about learning
  • Are happy to engage and speak in front of different audiences
  • Love to have fun

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you

Find out more on our website volunteer pages, email volunteer@safewise.org  or call 01202 591330 or download our volunteer leaflet..

What our volunteers say

All our volunteers have different reasons for wanting to volunteer, but they all have one thing in common – the desire to make a difference. Here’s a few words from some of our volunteers at SafeWise centres in Bournemouth and Weymouth…

Sharon’s story: “I volunteered for Safewise as it is a charity that gives important information to school children to  keep them safe at home, when they are playing and when using the highway.  

“It is a great way to allow the children and their adults to learn in a safe and friendly environment.  I have made so many friends at Safewise since volunteering there.  The days I volunteer at Safewise are the highlights of a week when otherwise I might not meet up with any one else.  It is lovely  to feel i can make a contribution to the community I live in.”

Sophie’s story: “I am a new volunteer visitor guide at SafeWise. I found myself unexpectedly out of work earlier this year. I wanted to keep myself busy while looking for a new job and decided volunteering might be a good idea. I searched on the Bournemouth volunteer page and saw that SafeWise were looking for people to join the team. I had been to the centre several years before while I was studying at University and remembered that I had thoroughly enjoyed the interactive village.  

“I had no previous experience working with children or volunteering before so I was nervous at first as I didn’t know what to expect. However, I only have wonderful things to say about the place. From the first chat with Emily to meeting the rest of the team everyone has been so supportive and friendly.  The centre itself is brilliant which is echoed with the feedback from the parents, carers, teachers and children that I have met. I truly believe this is an invaluable resource that should be included in the curriculum for primary schools. Children have wonderful imaginations and are a joy to work with; you often learn a lot from them too!

“If you have some spare time and wish to build up your and children’s confidence, keep busy and love working with people I would recommend getting in touch. Whether you can only do the odd day or have more time to help out the team make you feel really appreciated ☺”

Ron’s story: “I retired some 6 years ago from a very busy job as Bursar & Clerk at an independent school.  I knew that I still had a lot to give and did not want to find another job – too much hassle with tax man etc. So I decided to volunteer my time in a few places.

“One of these is Safewise – a local charity providing extremely important training and education for many children and adults in fire safety, road safety, water safety, recycling and personal safety. To me, it is important to give something back to society and it’s great fun delivering the content to our learners.

“I have found all of the staff at Safewise very supportive and extremely friendly, as are my fellow volunteers. Of course, delivering lessons is not for all, but there are helping roles alongside those of us delivering these. For me, preventing just one person from suffering in a fire or other accident makes it all worthwhile.

“Why not get in touch with your local Safewise centre and come in to talk to both the staff and volunteers – if you are really looking to make a difference this might just be for you.”

Ollie’s story: “My name is Ollie, and I am currently a student at Weymouth College studying Business Studies.

“To me, Safewise is an extremely important organisation that gives back to the community. The organisation cares about all ages, such as educating the future generations about topics that they may not necessarily learn at school, and soon there will be a course available for parents and carers which will include tips on how to look after young children.

“I remember going to Safewise in Bournemouth with my first school, and for me it was such an amazing experience because while being educational I also found it fun. When I saw that there was an opportunity to volunteer at Safewise I could not turn it down as I wanted to give back to an organisation that clearly does so much for the community. I also remember the volunteers being so kind and friendly, and as I have gotten older I realised that it is something I would love to do on top of just studying and having a part time job.

“Volunteering for Safewise is also useful for me personally because, in addition to it being a great thing to include on your CV, where I am a marketing volunteer it gives me some vital work experience which is closely related to my course at college, therefore making it easier to get a job in the business sector in the future.”

Linda’s story: “When I retired from teaching I was very keen to do something on a voluntary basis that would keep me in touch with young people. I decided to apply to SafeWise as I had for several years taken groups of children to the Safety Centre and felt it was such a worthwhile project. As a teacher I was well aware of the need for discussions on the topic of personal safety and found that the SafeWise activities and realistic scenarios had a considerable impact on the children.

“I was made to feel most welcome at SafeWise, the atmosphere amongst the staff and volunteers is very friendly and always supportive. I really enjoy the sessions with the schools, it is rewarding to work with small groups of children who are enjoying what they are doing and learning some important life skills in the process. I always come away from SafeWise feeling that I have a made a difference.”

Lauren’s story: “My name is Lauren, I am 17 years old and I’m currently studying Business at Weymouth College. I was introduced to the idea of work experience through a presentation at college. I did my research and quickly realised that SafeWise would be the ideal place for me. When I first came in the staff and volunteers that i was greeted by were very friendly and welcoming. My role is very rewarding personally as i feel I am helping my community and also educationally due to the fact that I am learning something new every week and being offered new experiences to educate me on business within the working world.

“I intend to go to university in 2020 to study within the marketing field and I believe the experiences within this role will allow me to stand out amongst other candidates.

“I am very thankful to SafeWise and the lovely people that allow it to run so smoothly for giving me opportunities that wouldn’t be available to me through just studying.”

Janet’s story: “Having seen the poster displayed in Weymouth asking for volunteers to come forward ,knowing that I had spare time within my other Voluntary work,and that I wanted to,participate in a worthwhile project.

“Especially as Safewise was encouraging the next generation in all aspects of personal safety and awareness in a fun way.

“It’s a joy to encounter the different age groups and to see how much they get out of these sessions, plus I really look forward and enjoy meeting them.”

“I myself have learnt new skills.”

Your time – their future!

Join us today and be part of it.

Find out more on our website volunteer pages, email volunteer@safewise.org  or call 01202 591330 or download our volunteer leaflet..