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SafeWise volunteers save lives by equipping visitors with the knowledge and skills to confidently manage risks and reduce dangers. They play a vital role in helping their communities stay safer and healthier. From welcoming visitors and running tours to helping with day-to-day running of centres there’s lots of opportunities and reasons to get involved. Just a few hours a week can make a big difference.


Help save lives, support your community, make a real difference, do it for yourself and be part of an amazing team.


SafeWise volunteers undertake a range of roles including: Visitor Guide, meet and greet and general support. If you have other skills or interests you feel we could use, then we would love to hear from you.


See below for what some of our volunteers have to say about SafeWise.


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Why Volunteer?

Help save lives

SafeWise equips visitors with skills for life to recognise and confidently manage risks and potential dangers in order to stay safe

Support your community

SafeWise programmes help people stay safer, healthier and gain confidence to live active, fulfilling and safer lives in stronger communities.

Make a real difference

Even a couple of hours a week could save or make a difference to a life.

Do it for yourself

Share your skills and experience or develop them and build your career skills and knowledge. Have fun, meet new people and and make friends.

Be part of an amazing team

You’ll be well looked after. We will provide you with everything that you need, from a uniform to training and everything in-between. We ensure volunteering is an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone.

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Volunteer Roles

SafeWise volunteers undertake a range of roles including :

  • Education Guide – lead visitors on our valuable skills for life programmes around the SafeWise centres – including schools, groups and other tours
  • General support – you’ll be the first point of contact for our visitors – welcoming people on reception, processing telephone enquiries, as well as helping with the day-to-day running of the centre, setting-up rooms and making sure everything runs smoothly.

If you have other skills or interests that aren’t mentioned above that you feel we could use, then we would love to hear from you, so please do get in touch.

What They Say…

Here’s what some of our volunteers have to say about SafeWise.

Meet Melissa…

Melissa joined the volunteering team when SafeWise was starting out. “I brought my children to a SafeWise open day when my other half was a watch manager for the fire service and thought wow, what a place! “I knew I wanted to get involved and it suits me down to ground as I enjoy working with people and it comes naturally to me as a people person. “I was pregnant whilst volunteering at one stage and have learnt over the years as my children have grown. I work with, and get on well with all age groups and types, especially now leading tours for special educational needs groups. “Being a volunteer doesn’t suit everyone. You have to really like working with people, be flexible and help other volunteers out, and I’ve built up friendships over the years.”

Meet Karen…

Karen has been helping at SafeWise in Weymouth when it first opened as part of the new Fire Station complex. “I first started when SafeWise opened when I retired after seeing an advert in the paper and thought I would go for it, so that’s around seven or eight years ago now. “The best bit is working with a nice bunch of people. I like the guys I volunteer with, and get to know the people who come in when I meet and greet on reception.”

Meet Hilary…

SafeWise is the perfect home for ex-teacher Hilary, who also worked in child accident prevention for the NHS. “From my past roles I know the devastating cost of accidents – from the human tragedy for the individual, family and community but also the financial cost to the NHS and emergency services. “So when I retired I knew I would come to volunteer and make a difference. “I’ve been volunteering since 2013, helping out with the day-to-day running of the centre and admin support to doing tours now too. “The volunteers we have here are amazing. “Some come the same day every week, some book their days months in advance or choose their slots at late notice. Someone always jumps in to cover at the last minute if help or cover is needed or we if need change shifts to help each other out. “SafeWise is a valuable place, it’s so rewarding and I am so proud of what we have here, I really am.”

Meet Linda…

Linda has been volunteering since March 2017 and enjoys working with younger visitors to SafeWise Bournemouth. “As a teacher I taught for many years and brought school groups on trips to SafeWise in Bournemouth. “When I retired I already knew I wanted to stay involved with helping children stay safe. It just seems a really important thing to do. “I would recommend volunteering at SafeWise – and regularly do so to my friends and people I meet.”

Meet Linda…

Linda has been a regular volunteer with working SafeWise at Weymouth since 2011. “I first found about it from a friend who I was doing some other volunteering with at the time and decided to join here at SafeWise too. “For me it’s about being friendly and having a laugh with the other people here. “I do various jobs, meeting people when they come in to make sure they know where they are going and tell them where everything is, but I also take calls, go on the computers and do things like help with room bookings.”

Meet Kane…

Kane first came on work experience and now aims to join the fire service. “I welcome visitors, sort out the car parking, leads tours and generally help out around the centre. “I enjoy it all, everything. “I first came for work experience and have learnt from the other volunteers. I am hoping to go into the fire service and have passed my fitness and first aid already.”

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